What: The RELEASE FESIVAL is a celebration for everyday hardworking people desiring a release from daily stresses & demands. 

When: 2019, exact date(s) TBA -- We will pilot in Tallahassee, FL .  This will be a statewide festival.

How Can you Help: We are seeking hardworking, strong-minded professionals to volunteer with the festival. Initially, we will meet face-to-face monthly.  As the festival date gets closer we will meet weekly via telecommunications and face-to-face. *If you are not in the Tallahassee area but would like to volunteer the telecommunications meetings will suffice.

If you are interested, please complete the details below.  You will be contacted via email by 1/17/19 with additional meeting details.  Our 1st face-to-face meeting will be Tuesday, 1/22/19, at 5:45pm. Additional details will be disclosed at that time.

We can't wait! Thank you!

Jeremy & Terrisa Anderson