Our policies are designed to ensure all guests enjoy a memorable event that will last a lifetime. The following Policies and Procedures are strictly adhered to. 

A. ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE TIME / ADDITIONAL FEES: Due to the nature of the tea party business, it is essential our guests arrive on time. We suggest arriving as close as possible to the time booked, as we do not permit early entry. If additional time was not booked, children parties are 1.5 hours and adult parties 2 hours. Please make sure parents are aware and respectful of time if little ones are being dropped off / picked up. Otherwise, we will assess a $50 fee for every half hour before or after your scheduled event time.

B. DEPOSIT: A 50% deposit of your anticipated guest count is required at the time of booking a party. You have up to 7 days after your initial booked party date to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund of your deposit. This does not apply to no-shows or cancellations. If you need to postpone your party, you may postpone once and your new booking date must be recorded within 90 days of your cancellation date. If your newly scheduled date is not recorded within that period, you will forfeit your deposit. Even if your party is scheduled in advance, we need a record of your new party date within 90 days. 

C. PAYMENT METHOD/BALANCE: Deposits and Balances due may be paid via PayPal.  We do not accept checks. The remaining balance must be paid (3) days prior to your party date. 

D. RESCHEDULING/CANCELLATIONS/NO SHOWS: In the event you need to reschedule your party, please notify us as soon as possible. Your deposit will transfer over to your newly set date.  

E. CONFIRMATION/PRE-PARTY: You will be contacted (3) days prior to your party to confirm the number of guests. If you do not hear from us, please call. A final head count is required during the pre-party contact. 

F. OUTSIDE FOOD / DECORATIONS: Unfortunately, we do not allow outside food, beverages or decorations to be brought into the dollhouse unless you are renting our venue space.

G. NON-PARTICIPANTS: We are aware honored guest may have siblings and all are welcomed to join. However, please note there will be a charge for any child or adult who participates in the party (i.,e., dress-up, dining, etc.). Children not participating in the party must be supervised by an adult at all times. 

H. ATTENDEES: If all of your guests do not attend, we charge for the amount of guests confirmed during the pre- party contact. 

I. GIFT OPENING: Gift opening occurs at the end of the party if time permits. We strictly adhere to the party time for each party. If time does not permit, unopened gifts will be sent with the guest of honor. 

J. FOOD ALLERGIES & DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: The client is responsible for communicating all food allergies prior to or during the pre-party contact. If your child or one of your guests has an allergy, we ask that you notify us when booking your party so that our hostesses can be made aware. It is client / parents responsibility to make sure a child is aware that they may not be able to eat food provided at the party. Our treats do not contain peanuts, but may be produced in a factory with nuts. They do all contain wheat and eggs. If your child has an allergy and cannot consume the food offered at the party, you may bring in a special treat for them. Please note,  a discount will not be provided if the child does not consume our treats. Due to the severity of some allergies, we are unable to purchase special treats for our guests with allergies. However, if you bring an allergy related special treat, we will happily serve them to your child. 

DISCLAIMER: Tessa's Dollhouse and Tea Party assumes no responsibility or liability for any and all accidents or theft. It is your responsibility to secure all personal belongings before, during, and after the party. Tessa's Dollhose and Tea Party is not responsible for allergic reactions or illnesses related to food brought into our facility by the parent and or guests consumed at the party. Please discuss all food allergies and any topical allergies with the party host prior to or during the pre-party contact.  Our facility is not toddler/baby proof. Toddlers and crawling babies must be kept within arms reach of their parents during the party. Due to the nature of birthday parties, small items, beads, or other choking hazards may be on the ground, as well as tipable and breakable furniture/decoration. If a parent decides to leave the party, that child becomes the responsibility of the party parent. 

Thank you, 
Tessa’s Dollhouse and Tea Party 

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Policy and Procedures