F A Q 's

Q:  How many guests can you accommodate?

A: We can accommodate up to 60 guests.

Q: How many guests can you seat for a children's tea party?
A: We can accommodate up to 20 children.

Q: What time should I tell my guest to arrive?
A: As a courtesy and to avoid additional fees ($50 for every half hour before or after event time), please do not ask guest to arrive early. Our doors will open 10 minutes prior to your scheduled event.  Cake and favors can be set-up during this time. 

Q: What if all of my guests do not arrive?
A: We charge for the amount of guest confirmed during the pre-party contact (3) days before your event.

Q: Can I bring my own decorations or food?
A: If you rent the venue, absolutely! Otherwise cake and favors only.

Q: How do I obtain my photos and how many will I receive?

A: Professional photos are delivered via an online photo gallery. Please allow up to 1 week from party date. Photo quantity usually ranges between 20-25 pictures.